When GODSHUB wanted to create a new banner for its website, it looked for a place where it could bless someone. It didn’t have to look far and found Newspring located in Spring Branch, Texas. Newspring is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged young adults and school age children find and cultivate their artistic talents and skills. What better place to have a new website banner created that would meet the needs of GODSHUB leaders and serve God’s less fortunate!

Under the direction of the Art Director, four students were chosen to compete in the website banner competition. Three were able to finish their work and a winner was chosen based on several criteria. The first criterion was for overall impression. The second was how well the student met key focus areas like Glorifying God and National Christian Restoration. The last criterion was the composition. The winner, as well as the second and third place entrants, received a check from GODSHUB banner committee.

How great it is to glorify God and be a blessing to others!


God’s Hub President, Chris Fenner presents check to the first place winner, Chinh Pham, at a ceremony held at Newspring Art Studio, Spring Branch, TX.


From the Newspring Art Studio website:
Posted September 30, 2013

Newspring are followers of Christ: professionals, business people, artists, teachers, and colleagues who believe that helping others to sustain themselves and their families financially is an important part of our Christian witness.

Newspring is totally focused on the Spring Branch area of Houston. Those of us who work with Newspring believe that many people in Spring Branch suffer the effects of economic instability. Families in Spring Branch are constantly on the move, seeking employment and better housing. It is difficult for many Spring Branch businesses to network into the broader Houston marketplace.

The primary goal of Newspring is to help stabilize Spring Branch, especially the Latino population there. How? By starting and nurturing businesses in the area. We are experienced business men and women who want to share what we know about business. And we also help Spring Branch businesses by expanding their market opportunities, offering our collective network of business contacts and potential customers far beyond the borders of Spring Branch.