On July 15th, 2015, GODSHUB launched the 3.0 Version of its online Christian information portal: www.godshub.com.

The 3.0 version has been made more user-friendly by the following changes:

  • Moving The HUB to the Home page,
  • Adding an A-Z search feature, and
  • Adding a monthly “Featured Topic” to the Home page.

Also, six more groups have been added to The HUB:

  • Church Acting in Unity,
  • Worship,
  • Christian Education (Home Schooling),
  • Government (Congress)
  • Government (Youth)
  • Marriage (Same Sex).

Chris J. Fenner, President of GODSHUB, notes, “By God’s grace we hope to be able to provide an increasingly comprehensive and useful information source for the Christian community, to help restore our nation back to the one and only true God.”