You will find a vast array of Christian movies in the websites listed below.


Hand selected in the heartland of America for your family’s enjoyment, our movies are a rarity in the world of cinema. Chosen from the leading Christian filmmakers, Christian Cinema offers a truly inspiring entertainment experience.


Christian movies all in one place, easy to find!

CFDb is much more than a list of Christian films; we are a resource for “All Things Christian Film!” We list everything from: the latest Christian film news, to interviews, to upcoming Christian movies, to Christian film trailers, to Christian film festivals.


There are a lot of aspiring Christian filmmakers who don’t know how to get started, or need a jump-start to get them on the road to filmmaking on a more full-time basis. Our mission is to provide the resources to help train people not to just be hobbyists, but serious filmmakers who intend to make a living at it, and who do it heartily as unto the Lord.


The direction for this website is driven by Dave Christiano’s philosophy of Christian films: “If someone is going to call a movie a Christian film, it needs to have a sincere message for Jesus Christ. That is the bottom line for me and makes it quite simple when it comes to selecting which films to offer.”


Rich Christiano started back in 1997 becoming one of the very first websites offering Christian films to the public. His goal was to offer the best in Christian movies at discount pricing and this continues to this day.


Dove Channel provides a safe walled-garden with hundreds of movies and TV Series that reflect the time-honored standards of The Dove Foundation, known for its trusted Faith & Family Dove Seals of Approval.


In 2003 a dream to make movies that would impact the culture was birthed at Sherwood Baptist Church with a desire to see the church positively impact the culture through film. The dream became reality, and Sherwood Pictures was birthed. They have produced box office hits such as: Courageous, Fireproof and Facing The Giants.