In early 2012, a few dedicated Christian men banded together with the goal of bringing people to Christ and seeking the truth about our nation’s Christian heritage. In our search for the truth about our Christian heritage we learned that God’s truth is not Satan’s lies.

The liberal media’s claims that all our Founding Fathers were deists and not real Christians were absolutely untrue. We found that, for the past hundred years, Marxist and socialist elements in our society have sought to destroy God’s influence in the public arena. The fact that God’s influence has been greatly reduced gives testimony to their success: no public prayers, Jesus’s name can’t be used, displays of the Ten Commandments removed, etc. We concluded that no cause or ideology should have credibility if it is based on the seduction of God’s people by such evil lies.

With the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we created God’s Hub to be a central gathering and distribution point for this information – information that is not being provided in most churches. Initially, God’s Hub carefully selected more than eighty Christian organizations, each with on-line presence, that share our deep concern for our nation. They have numerous articles and videos on topics and concerns to counteract popular media misrepresentations.

Christians, or anyone using God’s Hub sites, will be freed from relying on the anti-God media for information. Our linked sites will debunk evil lies and provide facts needed to understand the truth. God’s Hub will help all Christians join together in a new Great Awakening to lift up Christ in our country and fight for the truth, justice and freedom as originally established by our Founders.